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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Welcome to International Nomads Website! International Nomads is concerned with protecting the privacy of all of those who wish to access our Web site. Therefore, International Nomads wishes to inform you: - on the type of information gathered by International Nomads when you access our site, - on the way in which International Nomads uses this information and protects it. Rest assured! If you do not want International Nomads to keep any personal information concerning you when you access our Web site, we will indicate how to proceed and enable you to modify any information you may already have communicated to us. In general, you have the possibility of accessing information concerning you at any time, to update it and correct any errors. Nothing will be done without your consent

When you connect to the International Nomads Web site, you accept the terms appearing in this charter and, by communicating any personal information, you authorize us to use it in compliance with this charter. If you do not agree to the principles stipulated herein, you must leave our site. International Nomads does not wish to keep personal data concerning you without your prior approval. For this reason, we inform you that, although certain pages on the International Nomads Web site ask questions to its cybernauts, the answers you may give while visiting our site are not mandatory. Content and use of personal Information

By "Personal Information", we mean any information which enables a person to be identified. Most often this will mean a name, an address, a telephone number, a credit card number or an e-mail address. Therefore, in browsing through our site, you may be led to communicate a piece of Personal Information. This information may be gathered by International Nomads and subsequently reused in order, for example, to send you information concerning the new digital marketing communication reserved for our cybernauts.

What Are "Cookies" ?

"Cookies" are the files sent by a site manager, in this case " International Nomads ", to the cybernaut's hard drive in order to enable the manager to identify and memorize the cybernaut when he or she connects to the site.

International Nomads may want to use the "cookies" system in order to collect information on your visit to our site. This will enable us to learn which parts of our site are of interest to you. In doing so, International Nomads may become familiar with your centers of interest and provide you with information that is adapted to your needs. These "cookies" will also keep you from having to provide information you have already communicated to us with each visit, as they will remember that you have already provided this information previously. You will be able to detect the existence of these "cookies" and, if you wish, to delete them.

How International Nomads Uses The Information Concerning You?

The information concerning you that we gather when you visit the International Nomads site is only used by International Nomads to improve our Web site and to provide you with services that are increasingly adapted to your needs.

However, you should know that we will only contact you to inform you on our special offers with your authorization: if you do not wish to be contacted in the future, just follow the instructions indicated below in the section "how to contact us".

International Nomads also wishes to inform its net surfers that all information communicated by them will be used solely by the companies forming the Samer Hamze Advertising Establishment, with the view to offer an increasingly efficient service.

Finally, any information concerning you will be revealed by International Nomads to any individual, organization or administrative body authorized to demand such information in compliance with Saudi law.

Security Of Information Being Transmitter To Us?

International Nomads has adopted measures to protect the information you communicate to us. For this reason, the entire International Nomads staff is only authorized to use the information you transmit to us if it is necessary.

How To Contact Us?

As the purpose of this charter is to protect your privacy, we thank you for informing us of your wishes and comments. Please do not hesitate to inform us of any violation of your privacy due to a visit to the International Nomads site. We will answer you within a reasonable deadline.